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Black Metal from Germany feat. members of FUNERAL PROCESSION. Hot on the heels of last year's debut album 'The Archive Of Nightmares' and the subsequent EP 'In Contemptuous Defiance', Bremen's Black Metal spitfires release yet a new beast onto this world: 'Demanifestation: Hymns of Destruction and Nothingness'. Setting off a sinister atmosphere and developing into a raging chaos, these three songs display all the facets and nuances one could appreciate in a solid Black Metal release. With songwriting rich in variety and executed skillfully, 'Demanifestation' combines complex drum rhythms with chaotic and dissonant riffs, redeemed by harmonic twin-guitars, a pounding bass and intense vocals to a demolishing force, leaving you in ruins and debris. Heed the will to embrace the void ? Demanifestation! For fans of: Dissection, Svartidauði Special offer incl. CD version of latest EP and full album debut THE ARCHIVE OF NIGHTMARES from 2021 Release date: 22nd of january 2022.

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