Aktuelle Neuigkeiten

Jan. 2019

As we promised we will now reveal our plans for the first half of 2019 and give you all people out there an update:

Firt of all we can confirm our newest member of the Chaos. Please welcome: RaptvrE !

This all star project of members of Ayahuasca GER Shitshifter and Necrotic Woods have finished writing of their upcoming first demo. This will be released though us app. in february. We will give you further information soon.

Blyh will soon show the artwork of their second album AWAKE TO EMPTINESS. The final session in studio will be end of january at Liquid Aether Audio so the work of mastering can start soon. We are planing release in late march / early april.

After the victory of their first demo last year, "I" we can confirm that the new songs for their second demo are ready and will now be mastered. Unfortunately mastering and artwork will take a bit longer because of their other works and projects which have to be done first. We are planning a release in early may.

This is still not the end of many many new work to be done in 2019. More interesting projects are still in process so I think I will not be bored at any time. Be prepared!!!!