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Black Metal from Germany

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Black Metal from Germany Nachts is the band of the German musician Wiedergaenger (Total Negation, Absolutum). Since 2009, four demos and EPs have been released that can be classified as black metal. However, each release follows a different approach in terms of recording technique and sound aesthetics. Lyrically, encounters in nocturnal in-between worlds, abysmal stories and death are processed. Guitar clusters drone like swarms of bees. High-pitched drums with jagged cymbals hack their way through the eternal ice. And a voice makes you feel what it's like to chafe away at life and eventually disappear. "KEIN MORGEN" is the alienation of it all. A Black Metal EP that can't stand it in its own genre and breaks out into unrecognisable realms. Limited to 200 copies, incl. bandcamp download code.

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