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Black Metal from Norway


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Black Metal from Norway. Release date: 7th of October. Very proud to announce the release of our 7th Full length album TAURVI. Ever since May 2020, right after releasing of The Haft Khan album I have been working on this new album and it became the most creative adventure I have ever worked on, from the very beginning when I started writing the songs all the way to recording and mixing the album! And the result is not just collection of some songs but an album that take the listeners on a journey through the dark world of Persian demons & their stories. Musically, there will be everything you expect from us! blast-beating, Old school Norwegian black metal with a slight touch of oriental influences, from the most extreme, evil and intense we have ever done to a heavy and melodic atmosphere. This is the most mature album we have done so far. Indeed, it's the perfect demonstration of how we wanted it to sound (Sina Winter). Guitar & Vocals: Sina Winter Bass: Tjalve (Horizon Ablaze, Minattsvrede, Svartelder) Drums: Spektre (Ghaals Wyrd, Harm, Horizon Ablaze, Svartelder)

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