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Blackened Doom Metal from Germany

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Blackened Doom Metal from Germany BECULTED was created in 2018 in Darmstadt, Germany, and was completed in its current line-up in 2019. The Blackened Doom Metal bands music is characterized by a deliberately mantra-like, substantive monotony with folkloristic elements carefully woven in. The uncompromisingly dismal soundscapes of the dragging songs intertwine their work with abysmal and oppressive guitar riffs, accentuated by the complex bass. Using not only known stylistic devices of Doom, Sludge and Black Metal, the outfit also draws on other, out-of-genre elements regarding both instruments and songwriting. Edged by the inner lifeworlds of BECULTED, the musical work paints a picture of emptiness and rapture as pivotal leitmotifs of a transformative and imponderable idyll of salvation. The lyrics? liminal and lightless uncertainty interacts with an archaic, oppressive sound. The iconography of the artwork completes the suggestive effect of ARCANE MANIFESTATION?S musical journey and invites you to dive into those worlds. The recordings, made in the fall/winter of 2020, are to be understood in the context of the personal experiences at that time and were made at different (closed) locations from the lives of the band members. !

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